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Model No: Horizon Tempo T86 Treadmill 02 9550 0567 we are bringing fitness to you
Horizon Tempo T86 Treadmill 02 9550 0567

At glance
Sporting a sleek, attractive design.
T86 are ideal for apartments with limited space.
They're also intuitive and easy to operate.
Simply unfold the treadmill and exercise comfortably to your favorite tunes before heading to work

SPEED:0.8 - 16 km/h
HORSEPOWER:1.5 CHP Digital Drive Motor
INCLINE:10% incline
CONSOLE FEEDBACK:Time, Heart rate, Distance, Steps Calories, BMI Results, Incline, Speed.
PROGRAMS:8 programs (Cal Goal, Weight Loss, Leg Toner, 10K Steps, Strength Builder, Half Marathon,MyTrain, Random)
HYDRAULIC FOLDING:Hydraulic fold and drop
DECK CUSHIONING:IdealZone with Variable Cushioning System
WHEELS TO MOVE:Multiple wheelsQUICK KEYS:Speed & incline
HANDRAIL CONTROLS:Handrail Toggle Controls
ASSEMBLY METHOD:intermediate
SAFETY RATING:EN957 safety- compliant, incl emergency-stop key
FOOTPRINT:173L x 79W x 136H cm weighs- 60kg
OTHER FEATURES:Energy Saver Mode, BMI Test, My Train, Heart Rate Indicator, ComfortStep, Handrail Toggles

Other special features:

Our one-step hydraulic system does all the heavy lifting as it gently lowers your treadmill deck when you're ready to use it and effortlessly raises it when you're done.

Never feel a lag or surge thanks to the digital drive system that recalibrates instantly with each footfall. The low-RPM operation also keeps the motor cool and quiet, which extends the life of your treadmill.

The rack and removable cellphone holder provide many options for in-reach storage.

Contact heart rate

To make the most of your workout, the built-in indicator lets you know when your heart rate is in an optimal zone for training.

Handrail toggle controls

You can adjust your workout pace/ incline with the touch of a button using the handrail toggle controls.

ComfortGel cushioning provides maximum comfort and shock absorption

What We Like:
Price Point: Horizon treadmills offer an affordable price point that most home gym shoppers will appreciate. If you're just starting your fitness journey, you may not want to spend a small fortune on a machine. Horizon Fitness is the perfect place to start. The cheapest option, the T101 can be found on sale for just $649. With a two-year warranty, it can't be beat. From there, you can move up to the Elite T9-02 model, which is priced at $1999 and comes with a five-year warranty.
Passport Player: Horizon ensures optimal user experience through the Passport Player, which plays workout files on your home TV through DVDs. A program will then take control of the treadmill's incline, leading you through your workout session in sync with the DVD. It's called the Passport programming because the videos will take you across the globe, touring colorful autumn forests, national parks, and even Niagara Falls. No matter what kind of travel you prefer, Passport Player will take you there from the comfort of your treadmill.
Program Variety: Boredom is not something you'll experience with Horizon treadmills. While the models vary slightly, some of the higher level machines offer you 30-42 preset exercise programs. This adds tremendous variety to your workouts and maximizes the results. These programs focus on distance, calorie burn, heart rate control, and more. Doing the same workout over and over again is the easiest way to hit a progress plateau, Horizon's program variety helps eliminate that issue.
Roomy Track Size: Roomy track size is important for runners and Horizon does not disappoint. With their lengths ranging from 55 to 62 inches, there is a machine for everyone. Most treadmills max out at 60 inches, so this brand has even the tallest of trainees covered.
Variable Response Suspension: This means that you'll get varying levels of cushioning depending on where you are on the treadmill, which allows for the optimal overall shock absorption.
Incline: Horizon brings you power incline, reaching between a 12% and 15% incline depending on the model. This is great news for anyone who is hoping to burn more calories, tone their leg muscles, add cardio fitness, or enhance their resting metabolic rate.
Folding Capabilities: If you are working out in a small space, you'll appreciate being able to fold your treadmill to store it out of sight. Horizon offers a FeatherLight hydraulic system, making it easy to move this treadmill into its vertical position.
High Weight Limits: These treadmills are able to support users up to 350 pounds, providing a sturdy build despite the light design.
Easy Media Access: Every Horizon treadmill comes with a ledge to hold the mobile device of your choice, bringing entertainment options to your workout. The newer models also come with built-in speakers, which you can connect to your smart phone or mp3 player. USB charging ports are also included in the higher level Elite Series models.
Ability To Share Data: These treadmills utilize ViaFit Connect, which saves the stats from your workouts to monitor progress. This is an extremely helpful tool for achieving longterm fitness goals.
Excellent Warranty Coverage: Warranty packages vary between products, but Horizon is quite generous in this regard and ensure their customers are taken care of.

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