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Personal Training
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If you want to lose weight, increase your energy and feel great, now is the time to do it with us.

We offer the following Services:

One on one Fitness.

Partner and Group Training (at Discounted prices).

Outdoor Training (We come to you - Equipment Supplied).

Corporate Fitness.

Qualified Nutritionist for a total analysis of your diet.

Rehabilitation programs.

Sports-specific soccer conditioning fitness trainings.

REMEMBER: Your First Consultation is NO OBLIGATION !

Being fit and healthy is something that many people aspire to, and a truly fit body can only be achieved through an exercise regime of some sort. Fitness is important; a body that is in optimum working condition is less likely to become injured, a person will have more energy, and there is far greater chance of avoiding illness, either in the short or long term.

If you feel that you want to become fit but are lost for the best place to start, an exercise physiologist or personal trainer can draw up a program that is tailored to your current levels of fitness, setting goals that can be reasonably obtained. If you prefer your exercise to be less structured, or you wish to gain additional flexibility, call us and we will make the perfect for you.

Focusing on the physical body also means that you learn how to breathe correctly, in turn improving the oxygen levels in your blood, and even alleviating some chronic conditions.

Exercise physiology is about helping the body to work in the way that it was designed to. The goal of exercise physiology is to have the core muscles operating correctly, as well as to help you reach your physical goals, such as weight loss, rehabilitation from injury or general fitness. Exercise physiologists are professionals that design exercise programs without actually being a personal trainer. The aim is to improve the client's range of motion, strength, and functional capacity.

Personal training is a service in which an experienced professional will map out a tailored exercise plan for an individual, based on their current levels of fitness as well as their fitness goals. Personal trainers are about more than just helping you to get fit though - they help you with motivation to exercise and provide you with guidance, so that you learn how to use equipment safely and correctly. Our personal trainers are working with all aspects of the body and benefits include an increased self-esteem, lower weight and body fat levels, and better sleeping patterns.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need further information.

Our client's satisfaction is our ultimate goal!

Help us reach that goal, call us today !
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