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Rear Drive Elliptical Trainers VS Front Drive
Model No: Rear Drive Elliptical Trainers vs Front Drive
Cross trainers are now outselling treadmills in speciality fitness stores all around the globe. They offer up to 35% more caloires burned for the same amount of time on a treadmill. No wonder they are won of our best sellers. Will also Help ward off osteoporosis with this weight bearing exercise. Improve heart & lung capacity and circulation. Provides a total body workout without stressing joints.

You can go with the different brands all features on our website - from SOLE, SPIRIT, BODYWORX, YORK, KETTLER, INFINITI etc.

Max user weight on most X-trainers is between: 130-150kg

Price range: from $599 for basic X-T to light commercaial and commercial ellipticals up to $3.900.

There is considerable controversy over which elliptical trainer is the best; rear or front drive. Goldfit Fitness specialist can help you to pick the right one - call on 02 955 00 567

So which is better?

It really comes down to the feel of the machine and what you find most comfortable.
Why are there two styles? When Precor first - rear drive - came out with the elliptical trainer, they controlled the patent on the rear drive design. The only alternative was to build a completely different design that did not infringe on the patent, thus came front drive. Several companies found ways to work around the patent with their own rear drive design.

Elliptical Stride on Rear and Front Drive

The elliptical stride on a rear drive machine has a feeling like you are jogging or walking. While a front drive may seem more like working out on a stair climber without the the abrupt reverse motion.
In general, you tend to be better centered on rear wheel drive ellipticals, while on front drive machines you have a tendency to be leaning forward.

Some suggest that you get a better workout front rear drive machines, some have not found that to be the case. When you crank up the resistance of a front drive machine you can get you heart pounding to a level equivalent to the rear drive machines.

We have tested numerous front and rear drive crosstrainers. Ellipticals, like the rear drive with the adjustable incline can't be beat. On the other hand, front drive ellipticals, like the Soles have a very solid feel with a smooth elliptical motion, and their half the price.

The Mechanics of Rear and Front Drive Ellipticals
One of the advantages of rear drive ellipticals is you have less moving parts. Consequently, you have less parts that may require service.

For example, most front drive ellipticals have foot pedals that run on rails in the rear, particularly with cheaper machines, the rollers may wear out with constant use. This is especially the case with front drive machines with single wheel rollers. You often find that the single rollers are less stable. However, front drive ellipticals like Sole, come with dual wheel rollers. They provide a more solid and stable feel.

Both rear and front drive ellipticals have their advantages. Most important is to avoid cheap ellipticals that have certain limitations.

Here are some suggestions when purchasing an elliptical trainer...

Stride Length - Get a machine with a smooth elongated elliptical stride. Depending on your height you want a machine that has a minimum 18" stride length. For taller users you want a 20" stride. Several machines have adjustable stride lengths that can accommodate users of different heights. You'll find that cheap crosstrainers tend to have more of a oval stride, rather than an elliptical stride.

Smooth Motion - Cheaper machines have light flywheels, which result in a choppy motion. Opt for elliptical trainers that have around a 20 lb. flywheel or better. They will have a more natural feel to the motion.

Stability - Cheaper machines are also lightweight machines, and consequently they are not all that stable. There are two features that affect the stability. The design of the base and the weight of the machine. You want a crosstrainer that doesn't rock or sway when in use. Stability is particularly in issue for heavy individuals.

Overall Quality - Depending on your budget, you want to get the best quality in your price range. Do your research on a companies reputation for not only quality control, but also customer service.

Most cross trainers come with same
Warranty as following;
Frame : Lifetime
Parts : 3-6 Years
Labor: 12 months

In conclusion, find a machine that feels best for you. Go out and test the different drives, and purchase the best value within your budget.

Goldfit for your: Power. Strength. Endurance. Agility. We work with Fitness Australia who is the national health and fitness industry association working for a fitter, healthier Australians.

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All of our models are available to purchase & hire.

Please come in to our Sydney showroom to get fitness expert advise and find the best X-trainer - rear or front for your home use!

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