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Model No: VISION S60 ELLIPTICAL 02 9550 0567
Model: S60
Color: Matte black / NEW color range on market!

The S60 Suspension Elliptical trainer combines an ideal stride motion and ergonomically correct foot positioning for years of user comfort. The unique suspension design provides an exceptionally smooth feel and unmatched accessibility. This machine will get you fit via a super smooth feel and ultimate comfort. It is also self-powered, so you will be the driving force behind generating the console and pace of your workout.

The smoothness of the Vision S60 is instantly noticeable - its suspension design combined with sturdy frame will bring a comfortable, natural-feeling ride that is unmatched. This machine is also ideal for environmentally-conscious folks, as it is user-powered. There are no plug-ins or power needed other than your own physical strength. This makes it popular with fitness center owners too, as the machine can be placed and moved anywhere.
Our Favorite Features

Some of our favorite parts of the Vision S60 elliptical:

Long stride of 21" is ideal for taller users
Environmentally conscious design - it is powered completely by the user.
Narrow pedal spacing allows for comfortable, injury-free movement.
Oversized foot pedals are cushioned and easily rotate along with your natural movements for further protection from injury.
Wireless heart rate monitor
25 different programs - 20 built-in and room for 5 custom designed ones.
Super durable frame made out of welded steel
400 lb weight capacity can easily handle heavier users
Impressive warranty - lifetime on frame, seven years on all parts, two years on labor.
Vision S60 doubles as a commercial unit, so it is designed to withstand multiple users per day - it will be with you for years to come.


Data-driven for Optimal Workout Feedback
Customise your feedback view with this easy-to-read LED console featuring 12 programmes. Provides easy-to-read feedback at a glance, including time, distance, speed, resistance, level, RPM, METs, watts and heart rate. Plus, heart rate training is easy with the contact grips and built-in wireless receiver.

Unique Suspension Frame Design
Vision Fitness Suspension Elliptical trainers offer an exceptionally smooth, stable and comfortable workout due to their unique suspension design and heavy gauge steel frames. They are virtually silent and maintenance-free, thanks to the absence of friction created by the lower wheel tracks found on other elliptical designs.

Easy Access for All Users
A low step-up height and unobstructed rear access with side handlebars make Vision Fitness Suspension Elliptical trainers exceptionally easy to approach and start your workout.

Multi-position Handgrips
Our multi-position handgrips fit any user, allow for different muscle emphasis, and add variety to your workout.

Two-stage Self-powered Generator
Our two-stage electromagnetic generator system produces power and allows for freedom of placement anywhere in the room.

Wireless Heart Rate Monitoring
The wireless Polar® receiver provides workout-friendly heart rate monitoring that is more convenient and accurate than traditional analog heart rate grips. This feature is ideal for those who need to track their pulse for heart rate target training. Chest strap not included.

Accessory Tray
The conveniently-located accessory tray will ensure that users have room to store anything they need during their workout.

With a fantastic warranty and durable construction that will deliver results no matter how hard you push it, the Vision S60 is a favorite elliptical machine of both home fitness users and commercial gym owners. The wireless heart rate monitor ensures you get a more accurate reading, navigating you toward program options that will be most effective toward your individual goals.

Running solely on user-generated power, the Vision S60 won't ramp up your electricity bills - only your motivation. The harder you work to power this machine, the more encouraging results you will see on the console. You can also choose from 25 total workout programs. Some of the preset ones include a focus on fat burning, weight loss, trail 10k-20k and even a fitness test. The machine also reserves 5 of the 25 for user-designed workout programs. Keep things interesting and personal by designing your own fitness routine to use whenever you like.

Thanks to its maximum weight capacity of 400 lb and its durable, commercial-grade steel frame, the Vision S60 is acceptable for users of all experience levels. Start out slow and then enjoy the continuous challenge of a machine that allows you to build up to your own personal fitness.

We rate the console at 2 stars only because with a machine that costs this much, it should really have some sort of full color screen - perhaps even a touch screen. However, green living folks will appreciate the fact it doesn't due to its self-powered reliance.

When you're ready to get in the best shape of your life, the Vision S60 is a truly amazing elliptical machine that will push you toward the best shape of your life.

When you're looking for a truly high-performing machine that keeps things intense, the Vision S60 is a worthwhile choice. You will benefit from a multitude of programs that outrate pretty much anything else out there, as well as experience a truly durable elliptical that will run with you for the long haul.

Feel good. Look great. Be healthy! We are here to help you achieve your goals at home with the best quality exercise equipment on market, we are bringing fitness to you.

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